K. J. Roche - Seattle, Washington

Kenneth J. Roche
Physical and Computational Sciences, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Department of Physics, University of Washington
Box 351560, 3910 15th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98195-1560
kenneth.roche AT pnl DOT gov ; k8r AT uw DOT edu

Statement: I am a computer scientist with a background in computing, physics, and applied math. My research interests include algorithms and software, modeling quantum many-body systems, and the theory of computing -i.e. check out the quantum computing group at UW physics. I am an expert programmer for HPC systems. My main projects currently funded by the US Department of Energy: Here you may find some of my journal articles / selected conference papers / reports, sponsored government workshops and relevant meetings, and selected talks, seminars, posters, etc. Also, sometimes my work is in the news.