Matthew R. Norman

Computational Scientist / Climate Liaison
Scientific Computing Group
National Center for Computational Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PO BOX 2008 MS6016
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
Phone: 865.576.1757


  • Leading a task to port the Community Atmosphere Model - Spectral Element version (CAM-SE) to Titan
  • Liaison to geophysical INCITE projects
  • Work on a high-order ice sheet model
  • Development of new numerical algorithms for time-explicit integraiton of PDEs


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  • Norman, Matthew, 2010: Characteristics-Based Methods for Efficient Parallel Integration of the Atmospheric Dynamical Equations. Doctorate Dissertation, North Carolina State University.
  • Norman, Matthew, J. Larkin, R. Archibald, I. Carpenter, V. Anantharaj, P. Micikevicius, K. Evans 2012: Porting the Community Atmosphere Model - Spectral Element Code to Utilize GPU Accelerators. Cray User Group, 2012.
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