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GAEA Supercomputer Cabinet Art

In June 2010, the first installation phase of the Gaea supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory concluded. It employed 2,576 AMD 12-core, 2.1 GHz processor cores capable of delivering 260-teraflops (or trillions of calculations per second). What better way to celebrate its acceptance than to create a photo-realistic scene for the cabinets? This CG imagery consisted of over 1 trillion polygons and was rendered natively at 150 pixels per inches (300 megapixel image). Here are the results:

Download Links:

26,203 x 11,515 (69.6 MB) - ZIP / JPEG - Full Cabinets
3,345 x 10,815 (11.1 MB) - JPEG - Single Cabinet #2
3,755 x 1,650 (1.4 MB) - JPEG - Preview

In June 2011, the Gaea supercomputer was augmented with a 720-teraflop Cray XE6 system incorporating AMD interlagos 16-core processors. The processors in the original 260-teraflop system were also upgraded increasing performance to 386 teraflops. The aggregate Gaea system now enjoyed 248 terabytes of memory and a peak performance of 1.1 petaflops (or a quadrillion floating point operations per second). Time to celebrate once again with new photo-realistic CG imagery to display on the front 20 cabinets. A scene was created consisting of several trillion polygons and rendered at 70,000 x 10,000 resolution (762 megapixel image). Rendering an image of this magnitude, complete with global radiosity and subsurface scattering, was a significant technical challenge. Here are the results:

Download Links:

10,756 x 1,650 (4.7 MB) - JPEG - Preview (Medium Resolution)
3,755 x 576 (721 KB) - JPEG - Preview (Low Resolution)


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Visualizations by Jamison Daniel - d65@ornl.gov - 865-576-5823